You launched your Facebook Ads and are excited to meet your business goals, but when you take a look at your ad results, you had a lot of clicks but no conversions. You might even have website tools and events that show you that your users were engaged.
Confusing — They showed interest, but did not convert.
This is one of the many scenarios where Facebook remarketing ads are a viable strategy.

What is Facebook Remarketing?

Facebook remarketing, much like other remarketing platforms, allows you to track users who have engaged with your business, content, or website and send them highly targeted marketing messages.
This is achieved by implementing your Facebook Pixel onto your website and defining your conversions in Facebook Business Manager. Once you set up your pixel, all you need to do is create a custom audience to begin advertising to them

Custom Audiences Options

Website Traffic: You create an audience of your website visitors who took specific actions via your Facebook Pixel.
Customer List: Upload customer information such as an email database to remarket to existing customers
App Activity: Remarket to app users who took specific actions by setting up an App Event.
Offline Activity: Remarket to people who interacted with your business offline by setting up Offline Events.
Facebook & Instagram Video: Target users who watch your videos. 
Instagram Business Profile: Target users who interact with your Instagram profile.
Facebook Page: Target users who interact with your Facebook Page.
Facebook & Instagram Lead Form: Target users who opened or completed a lead form.
Facebook Events: Target users who interacted with your Facebook events.
Facebook & Instagram Instant Experience: Target users who opened your instant experience.

Why is Remarketing Important?

As you can see, remarketing has powerful capabilities. As opposed to marketing to new users, you re-engage users who showed interest in your business. Whether they were hesitant to purchase, got sidetracked, or decided to conduct more research, they decided not to convert.
However, you can send them a highly-target message with a deal, limited time offer, or some other marketing message that pushes them to convert.
Remarketing ads can oftentimes lead to lower-cost conversions and higher ROI. 


Remarketing ads are a necessary part of any complete Facebook advertising strategy. 
If you aim to earn low-cost conversions and capture customers that you would have lost otherwise, develop your remarketing strategies.

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