A Guide To Google Ads Search Bidding

Google Ads is an integral part of your marketing funnel, but are you setting your bids the right way?
Let’s take a look at the different bidding options in Google Ads and which one is right for you

1. Target Impression Share

This smart bidding strategy aims to earn you the most impressions possible, making it best suited for brand awareness campaigns. Costs can get out of hand if not monitored. Be sure to set a maximum limit and restrict your daily budget.

2. Maximize Clicks

This automated bidding strategy instructs Google to get the most clicks for your maximum daily budget. It is very well suited across the marketing funnel, but particularly in the consideration phase.

3. Maximize Conversions

This bidding strategy will drive as much conversion volume as your daily budget allows. It aims to use your budget as wisely as possible. This bidding strategy is simple and doesn’t require any additional cost or bidding details.

4. Target Cost Per Acquisition (tCPA)

Target CPA is another conversion-based bidding strategy. It automatically sets bids for maximum conversions at a specific acquisition cost. This is a good option if you know your ideal acquisition cost.

5. Enhanced Cost Per Click (eCPC)

This smart bidding strategy will automatically adjust bids based on a click’s probability to lead to a conversion. This means that if CPCs are high and the chances of conversion are low, Google will decrease your bids. Likewise, this strategy will take advantage of possible conversions by increasing your bids.

6. Target Return on Ad Spend (Target ROAS)

This strategy automatically sets bids to earn a high conversion value to match the desired return on ad spend. This strategy is best suited for revenue-minded marketing strategies.

7. Manual CPC Bidding

Manual bidding gives you more control over your CPC but demands more of your attention and monitoring of campaigns. If you do not feel comfortable adjusting bids on your own, this may not be the best strategy for you.


Before selecting a bidding strategy, ask yourself what stage of the customer journey your campaigns align with and what are you truly trying to optimize?
Enhanced CPC and Maximize conversions prove to be very valuable standards for smart Google Search Ads bidding strategies. Always consider the impact that your bidding strategy can have on accomplishing your specific business objectives.
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