Managing paid social campaigns across Facebook and Instagram can be a hassle, especially if you don’t know what you should be optimizing for. It takes a lot of time to manage your ad creatives, test them against each other, and review the data to make the appropriate adjustments.  And if you’re a small team…. Yikes. Luckily, there are some amazing paid social tools to help take the weight off your shoulders. Without further ado, here are the top 4 best paid social tools to grow your business.

1. Ad Espresso

A simple and intuitive tool, Ad Espresso has the ability to automatically optimize your accounts based on preset parameters to help your campaigns succeed. Moreover, Ad Espresso seamlessly integrates with your CRM to follow up with timely and relevant marketing communications. The platform is very easy to understand and contains detailed metrics with compelling visual analytics. Ad Espresso is one of the more affordable tools, starting at $58 a month.

2. Wordstream

The PPC powerhouse is also a Facebook ads management platform. Wordstream takes the optimization capabilities of its PPC platform and refines it to allow for a powerful dashboard that allows you to manage all your campaigns in one place. Wordstream makes recommendations on how to optimize your Facebook and Instagram campaigns to accomplish your goals. Pricing depends on monthly ad spend and whether or not you are a marketing agency.

3. Adroll

One of the leading digital marketing platforms, Adroll, helps you set up, maintain, and optimize your paid social campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Adroll allows you to retarget your users and maintain communication with them across channels. Adroll has stellar analytics and accurate attribution to keep you informed about your customer journey and make the right optimizations.

4. is by far one of the most powerful platforms for advanced Facebook Ads Management. The platform enables you to automatically generate thousands of ad variations and conduct seamless testing to determine the most effective paid social ads. You have complete control over ad creatives, audiences, optimization, and testing. You can save a lot of time by allowing predictive budget allocation and automatic optimizations. Pricing starts at $7,500 monthly.


Consider your familiarity with Facebook Ads and the needs of your business when choosing the right Facebook ads tool to manage your campaigns. Many of these platforms offer free trials and demos for you to get to know the platform and see how it might fit into your paid social strategy.  Take advantage of these powerful tools. Happy Marketing!

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