In their nature, B2B and B2C businesses operate very differently. It only makes sense that the marketing strategies for these two business types would also be very different.
Let’s break down the top 3 differences between marketing B2B vs marketing B2C.

Niche vs. Broad Audiences

When it comes to B2C, even if you have a niche audience, you have a large pool of individual customers and transactions. If one person from your pool doesn’t buy your product, it’s relatively negligible. However, with B2B marketing, you only have so many businesses who need what you’re offering. B2B transactions can be tens of thousands and even millions of dollars, so it’s important to do very well with these niche audiences.
Develop a strong brand and reputation to elevate your business and increase the likelihood that either of your B2B or B2C customers will buy from you.
If you’re a software company selling to law firms, you need to develop that strong brand recognition that gets your foot in the door. Likewise, if you’re a gourmet dog food brand, you need to resonate with your niche market.

How Your Audience Decides

Consumers make purchasing decisions very differently than businesses and organizations. A consumer purchase can be decided in weeks, days, or even a few minutes. A B2B transaction can take months or even years to complete. Keep this in mind when structuring your campaigns.
B2C campaigns will be inherently shorter than B2B campaigns. Adjust your retargeting, email marketing, and outreach campaigns to reflect the length of time your audience will likely take to decide on their purchase.
Many businesses will cut off their B2B campaigns just before their audience had a chance to decide. 

Relationships with your audiencE

With B2B marketing, it’s important to establish strong relationships with potential partners. With so much money on the line, businesses need to feel like they trust you before they can buy from you. Don’t sell too hard. Try to understand your audience’s needs and address them.
Invite your potential partners to lunch and coffee so you can ask questions and understand them.
For B2C marketing, the relationship needs to be more transactional. Of course there needs to be an element of trust, but the entire transaction rides on the customer experience. How easy was it for them to learn about your product and buy from you?
Always improve your website and checkout process to enhance your B2C relationships.

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