Tableau has become a staple in the data analysis world and for good reason: it’s an amazing tool! However, many businesses still have not taken the leap from siloed data stores like excel to a modernized business intelligence system like Tableau.
Let’s discuss the top 3 reasons why our business should use Tableau.

1. Quick & Easy Analysis

The first thing that should come to mind with Tableau is data analysis. While it may take some skill to understand how to create and connect and intuitive dashboard, once it is created, it becomes a replicable report for you to easily draw relevant and timely conclusions.
Exporting excel sheets can be a tedious process and identifying the key metric or datapoint of interest can be difficult, especially when dealing with large volumes of data.
Whether you have a live data source or a downloaded sheet, connecting with Tableau can save you hours of your week scouring through the data that you or your teammates need.

2. Data-Driven Business Decisions

Having accurate data and having it readily available is one of the most important prerequisites for educated business decisions.
Tableau can report and share real-time data that can be easily manipulated to show high-level metrics or dive deeper into a particular aspect of your business. You should be able to speak confidently about the marketing performance, trends growth, and more whenever you are tasked with making a hefty business decision.
Above just accuracy is timeliness. What good is it to find the data you needed 3 weeks after the fact? Prevent your business from remaining stagnant with accurate and timely data reporting made possible through Tableau.

3. Gain a competitive advantage

When you understand your market better than your competitors, you better position yourself to deliver better products, services, and experiences.
With Tableau, you can truly answer the big questions many companies have when it comes to their customers:
  • Which of my products are customers buying?
  • When are they buying?
  • Where are they buying?
  • Are we growing?
  • Which of the products?
When you answer these questions, you can make improvements to your products and services, like bundling, creating region-specific products, altering your pricing strategy, and more! 


With Tableau, you can build your business on a foundation of sound business intelligence. You can form a better understanding of your business’ data, formulate better decisions, and develop a competitive advantage for your products and services.
Build a better business with Tableau. 

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