Digital marketing is often split up into the channels like SEO, SEM, and so forth. However, we should more so consider the broader microenvironments and macroenvironments of digital marketing.
This enables us to become better marketers and truly understand the demand for digital marketing services.

What is the digital marketing micro-environment?

The digital marketing micro-environment consists of the suppliers, competitors, intermediaries, and buyers that interact with each other in the marketing landscape.
Our customers impact our businesses because they determine the demand of our product, however they remain independent and apathetic to our suppliers and intermediaries. The relationship our customer has with our product and our competitors has a tremendous impact on price, placement, and other factors.
Our competition, however, may impact our business in a different manner, restricting our supplier options, working with more efficient intermediaries, and stealing market share. Our competition makes us more conscious of our brands and marketing strategies and their effectiveness. Intermediaries impact our sales channel marketing directly. Abandoned cart marketing for ecommerce is very different than in-store displays.

What is the digital marketing macro-environment?

The macro environment is much broader and takes a look at the sociocultural, technological, legal, and economic factors of marketing on a global stage.
With regards to society and culture, it’s important to inform marketing strategies with local expectations, cultural norms, ethics, and other aspects of society. If the message doesn’t align well, the product will certainly fail.
From a technological standpoint, one has to consider the devices, operating systems, applications and other technologies that  a community uses before understanding what form of marketing can potentially reach and impact these communities. 
From a legal and economic standpoint, one should always consider any local or national laws that can restrict marketing practice. Moreover, the economic standing of a country or community should inform your decisions to price and market your products. Even the economic system has a huge impact on your marketing effectiveness.

What does this mean for marketing services?

When we consider the state of the world in a pandemic, and the components of the digital marketing environment, we can see a shifting industry. The macro environment is shifting to more digital strategies, and as such, many companies are now increasing the demand for digital marketing expertise. Companies are transitioning from retail to ecommerce and expanding their offering to other countries. This has significantly increased demand for digital marketers, multi-channel marketers, and much more. 

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