Kapwing: The Answer To All Your Content Needs

If you’re a digital marketer, designer, small business owner, or anything in between creating great content can be a challenge. Even when you manage to take a great photo or video, it still needs to be edited just a little bit to give it that “oomph” it needs to be an engaging or effective piece of content.
But if you don’t have the know-how or the budget for multiple editing software, how can you make great content?
You need Kapwing.

What is Kapwing?

Kapwing is an online content-editing tool for small teams and solo creators. You can collaborate with others to enhance your videos, images, gifs, and more. 
The platform offers a host of useful tools, like subtitles, quick resizing, video trimming, progress bars, and so much more. The all-in-one workspace is just plain awesome because makes it easy to manage all your content assets — even across multiple devices!

What can I do with Kapwing?

I think the real question is: what can’t you do with Kapwing? Kapwing has dozens of tools to fit all of your content needs.
The main editing tool, Studio, is where you can quickly experiment with your videos by adding text, sequences, progress bars, backgrounds – pretty much anything you need. You can even trim, resize, or add audio and subtitles to your videos and gifs to really grab your audience’s attention. 
And if you have an image, you can easily add engaging text, shapes, audio, and more. I personally love how you can remove an image’s background, crop it, and make a really really cool piece of content within seconds.
They even have a built-in meme generator with templates you can pick right off the shelf — if that doesn’t grab your attention, I don’t know what will. 

Why makes Kapwing Special?

Kapwing takes the cake in so many ways, but here are some of the biggest:
  • All-in-one content creation and asset management
  • Easy to use interface and tools
  • Accessible on any device — anywhere and anytime.
  • Save time creating content
  • The free plan has all their tools
  • Beautiful templates ready for you to use

How to Get Started With Kapwing?

Getting started with Kapwing is FREE.
You heard right and there’s no catch. You can visit kapwing.com, set up a free account, and have an engaging piece of content within seconds.
The free plan is very generous, with access to all of Kapwing’s tools and a reasonable file size limit.
I personally use Kapwing for all my social media content and I absolutely love it.
Once you outgrow the free plan, the pro plan is very reasonably priced at just $20 a month. That’s a lot less expensive than other software that can’t even do half of what Kapwing does.


I highly recommend this tool for anyone looking to get serious about their content creation. 
It’s the most efficient and effective way to collaborate for social media marketers, content creators, small business owners, photographers, videographers, and the like!

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