Recently, I along with some colleagues built a mock-brand strategy for a local brew-pub in the Fort Lauderdale area. Building a brand strategy is a daunting task, even if it is a mock strategy. Let’s talk about the experience.

Why a mock brand strategy?

We went with a mock strategy plan in order to tell an engaging story relating to a brand that we are all familiar with. It gave us the freedom to explore how to build an already exciting and beloved brand.

What was the most challenging aspect?

The most challenging part of creating this brand strategy plan was the brand itself. We purposefully chose a very established brand to force ourselves to think outside of the box.
It’s very easy to identify and poke holes in a young organization’s brand strategy, but it is very difficult to do so for a beautifully designed brand with a large following and meaningful local relationships.
We had to dive deeper into the history and cultural significance of the brand, and we also had to pursue more research to truly understand areas of opportunities for a relatively unfamiliar industry.

What would we do differently?

Lorem ipsum lorem ipsum.If we were to do it all over again, we would interview high-level members of the management team to get their opinions and vision for the brand to incorporate into the plan. We have to make a lot of assumptions for the brand given its history and existing reputation, but if the brand wants to shift or expand, we wouldn’t be privy to this information.
Moreover, we would interview loyal customers to truly understand their feelings and perspectives towards the brand. This would enable us to make further recommendations to leverage existing customer sentiment and spread this positivity to their audience as a whole.

What was the most enjoyable aspect?

The most fun part of formulating a complete brand strategy plan was making meaningful recommendations. A large part of a brand strategy plan is auditing the existing brand to cement the core competencies, products, services, etc. However, there is nothing more rewarding than building off of what makes the brand great to better position it for success.


Developing a brand’s strategy is always a fun experience. If you’re planning on improving your own brand or the brand of another client, think outside the box and consider the opinions of all the stakeholders of the business.
Happy Marketing!

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