5 Google Ads Performance Metrics You Need To Track

You’ve got your keywords, your landing page, and even your ad copy ready for your Google Ads campaign, but the work isn’t done yet. Are you prepared to monitor and optimize your campaigns? 


Look no further than the top 5 google ads metrics you need to track listed below.

1. Cost Per Click

Your cost per click or CPC is what you pay for each click on your Google Ad. This metric is very important for gauging the budget you will need to acquire the number of clicks you need for a campaign. Although it is difficult to change your CPC, a campaign that is optimized in all the right ways can see a steady decline in its cost per click.
Wordstream offers valuable resources on industry benchmarks you can reference for your CPC.

2. Conversions

Your conversions are the main goal that you determined to be of value to your campaign. A conversion can be an email subscribe, a phone call, or a click to a website. 
Your conversions are incredibly important to monitor to understand if your campaign is effective in leading users to your goal. If you have a lot of clicks and little conversions, there may be something wrong with the landing page, user experience, or messaging. 
Likewise, if you have very few clicks with a lot of conversions, you may want to experiment with a higher budget to see if the proportion remains — you may be missing out on potential revenue.

3. Cost Per Conversion

The cost per conversion or cost per acquisition (CPA) is at it sounds — the price you pay for each conversion you defined in your campaign. Monitoring this metric is important because it determines whether or not your campaign is actually successful. 
If you sell a $100 product, but you have a CPA of $200, you are losing money on your ads. On the other hand, if you sell a $200 product at a CPA of $100, you’re in a better spot. 
Unfortunately, that $200 product likely has additional costs outside of the ads associated with it, which means that, after considering costs, your $100 could turn into a much smaller margin.
Optimize your bids, targeting, keywords, and copy to move closer to a CPA that suits your business needs.

4. Clickthrough Rate

The Clickthrough Rate or CTR refers to how many users who see your ad click through to your landing page. This is a relevant metric to optimize to increase your potential for conversions. If your landing page has a great offer and a high conversion rate, but nobody clicks through to ever see your offer, you’re missing out on potential revenue.
If you have a low CTR, this may be due to your ad copy, headlines, site extensions, callouts, and more. Modify your campaign message to better appeal your target audience and stand out.
If you have a fairly high CTR, continue to test new ad copy to work towards the highest CTR you can achieve.

5. Quality score

Your quality score is a determination of the quality and relevance of your keywords to your ads. This score can range from 1-10, with 10 being the best score. Google calculates your quality score based on your ad copy and relevance, landing page experience, and click-through rates.
A high quality score can increase your ad rank, which can lower your cost per click (CPC). Google does this to reward advertisers who have the most relevant offering for equally relevant keywords. On the other hand, a low-quality score can ultimately mean a higher CPC.
Finger the pulse by modifying your ad copy, improving your landing page experience, and choosing keywords that actually match up with what you are offering. Ensure your landing page contains the keywords you are targeting for a higher quality score.


The bottom line? Monitor these important metrics in order to understand your campaign performance. Constantly optimize your ad keywords, ad copy, ad structure, your landing page, and even your offering in order to increase your chances at achieving relevant, low-cost conversions. There are, of course, more metrics to keep track of, but these are a good place to start.
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