3 Common Marketing Metrics You Need To Know

If you’ve run any marketing campaigns, whether digital or traditional, it’s likely you’ve measured impressions, reach, and frequency. What do these metrics mean? And why should your business care?
Let’s take a dive into each of these metrics individually.

What are Ad Impressions?

Impressions are one of the most basic metrics for marketing and advertising activities. An impression refers to each time your ad is seen or someone is exposed to your ad or marketing campaign. 
It’s important to recognize that an impression oftentimes is merely an opportunity to have your ad exposed. For instance, an impression may be counted if your Facebook ad appears on someone’s screen without them paying attention.
Impressions are important because it allows you to get a high-level understanding of how much exposure your ad is getting.

What is Ad Reach?

You’ll notice that the reach of your marketing campaigns is always less than your impressions. This is because your reach refers to the actual number of people that have been exposed to your ads, meaning that your impressions may have been exposed to the same person more than once.
Reach is an important indicator of your potential, relevant audience. However, if you see your ads reaching a lot of people but not getting as many conversions, there may be problems with your ad targeting.

What is Ad Frequency?

Your frequency is actually exactly as it sounds. It is the average number of times each reached person has seen or had the opportunity to see your ad. As you can guess, this is a ratio of impressions and reach.
Frequency is important to measure, particularly for unique businesses. It may take multiple impressions and interactions with your business before your audience takes action so it is important to maintain a healthy frequency. Consider how long it takes you to close your average client or customer.


Impressions, reach, and frequency are all different and all very important in their own ways. There is no perfect number for each of these metrics. Consider your campaign goals, business goals, and typical customer journey to better understand if your ads are performing as they should be.
Happy marketing!

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