150+ Best Digital Marketing Tools For Startups 2020

Growing a startup or small business can be very tough. You have a small team and limited resources. However, every entrepreneur can multiply their team’s marketing capacity by using a legion of digital marketing tools. 

From email automation to content creation, a few simple tools can streamline your digital marketing, increase your footprint, and decrease your overall costs, but which tools should you use?

Let’s take a look at over 150 of the best digital marketing tools that startups can utilize right now.

Customer Relationship Management

A Customer Relationship Management tool or CRM is a system that manages your relationships with customers and potential customers. A CRM tool allows you to monitor the relationship with potential customers through every step and touchpoint of their buyer journey in order to engage them and move them further down your marketing funnel. Likewise, a CRM helps you nurture the relationship with your existing customers to encourage repeat purchases and brand advocacy.

A CRM can be the difference between encouraging purchases from your audience and fading into obscurity. Below are some of the most popular CRMs you can add to your mix of digital marketing tools.

CRM Tools:

Email Marketing

Email Marketing has the highest ROI of any digital marketing channel and for good reason. Many email platforms are free or low-cost, which enables entrepreneurs to send relevant and timely emails to their target audience with little to no disruption to their marketing budget. 

Email automation can enhance your email marketing by designing logic sequences that trigger when particular emails will be sent to your audience. This saves you time and increases the likelihood that you send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Email Marketing Tools:

Marketing Automation

With marketing automation, an entrepreneur can create automated systems for email, google ads, Facebook ads, and all other advertising channels all from the same platform. This powerful function gives a startup or small business the means to effectively oversee the performance of all marketing efforts from a single screen.

Marketing Automation Tools:

Digital Analytics

Data is at the core of every business. A powerful analytics tool can make or break a startup’s growth potential. Powerful insights and data visualizations lead the way for informed decision making and campaign optimization. Utilize analytics tools like the ones below to break down and manipulate your data for your website and digital marketing performance.

Digital Analytics Tools:


It’s imperative for startups and small businesses to constantly improve their websites and advertisements, but understanding what constitutes an improvement can be difficult. A/B testing and multivariate testing is an effective methodology for determining the most ideal changes to make on websites and campaigns for the most optimal results.

Optimization Tools:


Maintaining a strong online presence and high traffic is a challenge for every entrepreneur. It’s important to not only take advantage of the advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, but also the platforms that supplement these campaign managers to oversee and adjust your ads all in one place.

Advertising Tools:

Search Engine Optimization

Paid traffic can be very valuable early on when a startup or small business needs to attract immediate visitors. However, a long-term strategy that can yield more relevant traffic and decrease advertising costs is investing in Search Engine Optimization. 

There is a lot of planning, research, and supporting digital marketing activities that go into launching a successful SEO campaign. It’s important for business owners to use powerful keyword research tools and website analyzers to fully understand the improvements they need to make and potential target keywords for organic search traffic.

SEO Tools:


Content is king and it’s becoming more and more integrated into the marketing funnel for companies of all industries as consumers become more engaged with relevant content. A complete content strategy helps startups engage with their audience in the channels they prefer and keeps the audience coming back for more relevant content. You can even use the content as a medium of exchange between you and your audience, such as a free ebook in exchange for their email address.

Content can take the form of blogs, videos, gifs, pictures, infographics and more, which can seem overwhelming, but remember that content can be recycled, converted, and modified across these different mediums. A large content library, like a keyword-rich blog, is also a key part of search engine optimization. 

Audit your content and use tools like the ones below to analyze and improve the content so that it is relevant to your audience and appropriate for your marketing channels.

Content Tools:

Surveys and Feedback

Gathering feedback and perspective from your audience is important, especially for a startup. Gather insightful responses to your most pressing questions by using tools like the ones below. Remember that your surveys are only as helpful as the questions you design. Keep them short, specific, and don’t lead your audience in. You may want a particular answer, but collecting raw, unbiased responses is more helpful in informing your business decisions.

Survey And Feedback Tools:

Marketing Materials

It may not exactly be digital, but you can design, order, and monitor physical marketing materials from intuitive online platforms like the ones below. Supplement your digital marketing with business cards, brochures, signage, and giveaway items.

Marketing Material Tools:

Website Improvement

Your website is the central hub by which your startup communicates to your audience and you should always be seeking new and innovative ways to increase the likelihood that your web visitors return and engage with your website. 

On top of that, your website needs to have routine diagnostics run on it to ensure that plugins, tools, and pixels are firing properly. Last, but certainly not least, your startup should utilize some of the tools below to ensure that the user experience is up to par with your standards

Website Tools:

Social Media Management

Organic social media posting and community management can be time-consuming. Take the headwork out of social media content planning by using simple schedulers like the ones below, which automatically post your content at a time of your choosing. 

Some of these platforms also give you the option to set up alerts for direct messages and mentions of your brand and even allow you to respond to your audience across platforms from a single tool.

Social Media Management Tools:

Free Stock Photos

Not all startups have the immediate resources necessary to capture professional photos of their products and services. When creating content, designing marketing materials, and editing your website, stock imagery can be a helpful place-holder until you gather the resources necessary to replace them with high-quality images that reflect your brand and value proposition.

However, a lot of stock image websites charge high prices that startups and small businesses may not be able to afford. No worries, visit the free stock image websites below to gather the images you need to move forward with your digital marketing efforts.

Free Stock Photo Websites:


Your loyal customers are your brand advocates. If they like your brand and what you offer, it is likely that they are willing to spread the word. Establishing a solid referral-program can earn your startup relevant, pre-qualified traffic at a very low cost. In order to encourage referrals from your army of die-hard customers, take advantage of the tools below. 

Referral Tools:

App Store Optimization

If your startup has a mobile application aspect, it’s important to maintain high traffic and monitor your app’s standing across app stores. Utilize the tools below to keep your app authoritative in the online marketplace.

App Store Optimization Tools:

Project Management

One of the most important aspects of overseeing the implementation of effective digital marketing campaigns is having a project management system that breaks down your team’s tasks and timeline. These systems encourage accountability, alert team members of upcoming tasks, and offer productivity reporting. Get more done in a more organized manner with the tools below.

Project Management Tools:

Freelance Networks

You may only have a few employees in your startup, but outsourcing is an incredibly helpful way to increase your productivity at low costs. The freelance networks below can get you in contact with project-based specialists from all over the world that can assist you in quickly completing your task at hand. Whether it’s graphic design, market research, social media management, or any of the thousands of jobs that freelancers offer on these networks, you can always find someone to get your digital marketing one step further.

Freelance Network Websites:

Landing Pages

Your online advertisement could have the perfect ad copy, image, targeting, and bids, but if your landing page is lacking, you could be stifling your potential for more conversions. Remember, if your audience is only interested in a particular aspect of your business, such as a specific product, a specific service, or maybe just your content, you need to send them to a dedicated landing page. 

Don’t send your audience to your homepage if that’s not what they expect after clicking on your ad. On top of that, make sure that your landing page is branded correctly, has a logical structure, and is not too dense with information. Design simple, relevant, and beautiful landing pages with the tools below.

Landing Page Builder Tools:


Each of these 150 digital marketing tools can be valuable additions to your overall marketing strategy. Take advantage of the tools that best suit your needs, work style, industry, and expertise. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tools — many of the options above offer free trial periods so take advantage!

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  2. The title of this article got my attention. Lionel thank you for sharing this valuable information. I deal with new business owners every day and when it comes to marketing the don’t know where to start. Most of them think that marketing it’s just to open a Facebook Business page and get likes. But this article gives them a guide on what is available and what each marketing tool does.

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